I am a dreamer.

I feel as though I live half of my life in my dream world. This world inside my head is so visceral, so tangible, that sometimes I legitimately find it difficult to distinguish between the two, and the line between reality and my dream world becomes blurred. 

I long for my dream state, a place of existence not bound by all the meaningless constraints of this plane. There lies a world based purely on desire, connection, imagination and every essence of human nature. The ideas of social norms, of right and wrong, of complexity created in this world are stripped bare, leaving only a pure existence in which one is free to be their complete, truest self. 

Uninhibited, uncontrolled, limitless. 

I often dream about people from my past and present, and the connections and relationships I hold with them in my dream state, sometimes feel more legitimate than what exists here. Simply because I feel as though they are based on the truth of the relationship, of everything that exists from my soul to theirs, the true essence of ourselves and what we see in each other. This understanding is free to roam and co-exist and experiment as it should, in my dream world. For that reason, my waking state, or saying goodbye can sometimes be harder than it is in this world, as the feeling seems to linger so much longer, haunting every deep corner of my mind and being. 

I respect my dream state, I revel in the connections, secrets and beauty it unfolds, both about myself and those in my life. 

I could not exist without this world. Without it, I think I would be half of all I am, and not the best half either. 

Without it, I would be an empty vessel, wandering this earth.